How Much Gas Does A Boat Use With 2 Motors?

How much fuel does a twin engine boat use?

If it’s cruising at 80 percent of top speed, it could propel a 33 foot sailboat 300 miles at 7 knots in calm weather. However, if you have a twin engine 40 foot sportfisher, you will only go about 33 miles at 40 knots. If you wanted to travel 300 miles, you’d need 450 gallons of fuel!

How much gas does a boat motor use?

At full throttle and averaged across makes and models, those engines burn about one gallon of fuel per hour for every 10 horsepower (hp). Generally, it takes about 2.5 hp to plane 100 pounds for a near flat-bottomed boat. Other shapes, such as deep-v hulls, require more power.

Do twin engine boats use more fuel?

Fuel consumption, top end performance, and low-end performance. First of all, it does NOT take twice the fuel at a given speed to run the twin. For example, at 30mph, the twin version will use about 25-30% more fuel than does the single. At lower speeds, the percentage difference lowers somewhat.

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How many gallons of gas does a boat use per hour?

So what is the average boat MPG? An average boat MPG or gallons per hour is around 1-4 gallons per mile at an average of 20knots. keep in mind that there are hundreds if not thousands of boat brands, dozens of boat engine sizes and brands, and types (jet, outboard, inboard, and I/O)(2-Stroke and 4-Stroke).

How far can a boat go on a tank of gas?

The miles a boat can travel will depend on several factors such as weight, size, wave and wind conditions, cruising speed, fuel tank capacity, engine hours, etc. But on average, you can travel a range of 5 to 30 miles on a tank of gas.

What is the most fuel efficient boat hull design?

Planing Hull Boats What’s the most fuel efficient boat hull design? The answer to that question is a planing hull. Planing hull boats are designed to glide smoothly on top of the water when enough power is applied. Both flat-bottom and vee-bottom hull shapes are considered to be planing boat hulls.

How much fuel does a 150 hp outboard used?

For example, a 150-horse engine will use about 15 gallons per hour.

Why is marine gas more expensive?

There are various reasons why fuel at a marina pump is expensive than at a gas station. Some of the reasons are transportation charges and taxes. Because bringing the fuel to a place far away till the coast or shore will definitely take some extra money and taxes, which increases the cost per gallon.

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Do boats use a lot of gas?

How much gas do boats use? Many small, personal watercraft boats tend to use 3-8 gallons of gas per hour at cruising speeds, while faster boats like speed and motorboats can use 20-30 gallons an hour. Depending on the weight, size, and style of your boat, you will use within this very large range.

Is it better to have one outboard or two?

All things being equal, including horsepower and weight of the hull, a single outboard should come out ahead when it comes to speed, because a single gear case and propeller create less drag in the water than two. In addition, the weight of two smaller outboards usually exceeds the weight of one large motor.

Can you run a twin engine boat on one engine?

One strategy that offers interesting possibilities is to run just one engine, but allow the second propeller to freewheel as the boat moves through the water. Some Twin Disc and Caterpillar transmissions are built to freewheel, but you need to check your transmission to see if this is possible with your equipment.

Why do boats have two engines?

Two motors can improve the way the boat maneuvers, it can also increase the reliability of your boat. If one motor is down you are not stuck out on the water. Having two motors on a boat can also give you more power. There are three basic types of motors that are used on boats; outboard, inboard, and trolling.

How much fuel does a 90 hp outboard use?

Your 90 would burn a little more than 9 gallons per hour at wot. figure your top end speed, and you get miles per gallon at wot. Most motors get their best mileage somewhere around 3000-4500 rpms.

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Why do boats get bad gas mileage?

Why do boats burn so much gas? The main reason why boats will always burn more gas than cars is they run on water. Aerodynamics, wind resistance, waves, and drag affect the fuel consumption of a boat. Basically, a boat needs to use more fuel to cover the same distance a car will cover.

How much fuel does a 15 hp outboard use?

Another benchmark is to take the horsepower rating and divide by ten to get fuel comsumption in gallons per hour. By this metric you should be burning only 15/10 = 1.5 gallons per hour.

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