How Strong Are Wiper Motors?

How much power does a wiper motor draw?

Wiper motors will probably not exceed 50 watts (4.2 amps at 12 volts). A 30 amp motor will require 360 watts and probably produce at least 250 watts of mechanical power.

How much weight can a wiper motor lift?

I believe wiper motors generate about 12-13 ft/lbs of torque, so if you have a small spindle to use instead of a winch, a wiper motor may very well lift a 50lb load slowly (Cap’n Jack is on to something with using a lighter door).

How much torque should a wiper motor have?

thatoneguy. With the worm gear on the motor, sites selling them state anywhere from 30ft-lb to 50 ft-lb of torque at roughly 60-70 RPM.

What is the maximum rpm of a wiper motor?

Some wiper motors have variable speeds of up to 60 revolutions per minute (rpm). Other motors can support different windshield wiper blade angles from 40 degrees up to 110 degrees to maximize wipe performance.

How can I reduce the speed of my wiper motor?

The speed of the automobile wiper can be adjusted using a potentiometer using this circuit. The circuit operates from 12V DC and can be fitted to any automobile operating on 12V electrical system. With slight modification, the same circuit can be made to operate on 24V systems also.

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Can you reverse a windshield wiper motor?

Yes you can reverse the motor, they are usually series field motors, so you need to swap either the field windings or the brushes round, but the mechanics may get stuck.

How do wiper motors work?

The wipers combine two mechanical technologies to perform their task: A combination electric motor and worm gear reduction provides power to the wipers. A neat linkage converts the rotational output of the motor into the back-and-forth motion of the wipers.

How do I increase the speed of my wiper motor?

Speed = Torque / Load. You have more torque, you have more speed, if you want to increase speed, increase torque or decrease load. If you limit your current, all you are doing is telling the power supply to lower the voltage if the current exceeds your limit. Lowering the voltage lowers the current.

Which type of motor is used as wiper motor?

In one form of the invention, an induction motor, together with a control system, is used to drive a windshield wiper in a vehicle. A conventional induction motor is preferred, but a consequent-pole induction motor can be used, in order to reduce cost.

How much is a windscreen wiper motor?

The windscreen wiper motor was priced at £124.61 through an independent garage, or £149.54 through the main dealer (both prices include VAT)—and our vehicle specialist found a stockist for an aftermarket part, priced at £103.99 (inclusive of VAT).

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