How To Adjust Timing On Hobby Wing Esc And Sensored Motors?

How do I set the timing on my RC motor?

Many speed controls feature software that offers the option of changing the motor’s timing, and you can also physically adjust the timing on the motor. Typically, you loosen, but don’t remove, three screws on the endbell and rotate the endbell counter clockwise to align timing marks on the endbell and can.

What is ESC timing?

Motor timing is a settings on the ESC, it’s very important to motor efficiency, reliably, torque and RPM for multirotors. There are coils and magnets in a brushless motor. The goal of motor timing is to start switching the motor coil early, so we have the magnetic field ready at the right time.

How does ESC timing work?

ESC Turbo ( common for RC Cars ) This is a type of timing when enabled will set a predetermined amount of timing advance at a specific trigger point. This trigger point can be either based on a specific throttle input such as 100%, an RPM value or both. These parameters are programmed in to the ESC.

How do I set the timing on my Hobbywing motor?

You can reduce the timing by turning the end cap clockwise, increase the timing by turning the end cap counter clockwise. Increasing the timing will increase the RPM of the motor whilst at the same time increasing temperatures and losing efficiency.

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What is a blinky ESC?

“Blinky” Mode is an ESC that does not add ‘Electronic timing advance’ to the motor. Any of the ESC offer 0 Timing options can will “Technically” qualify as a Blinky ESC, even if they do not blink correctly, they are doing the same thing as a “Blinky” mode ESC.

What is boost timing?

Boost timing is timing which is dynamically added from a set point in the RPM band. Depending on what you’ve set usually starts around 4500rpm in an onroad application. Usually you don’t use boost in offroad. The boost timing is in addition to the can timing. So more boost = more power and heat.

How can I make my brushed motor faster?

Sealed endbell motors need a lot of running to break in their hard compound brushes. Running it partially submerged in water helps break them in faster. Water dipping is a trick old-school guys used to break in their motors, but it would also help clean your brushed motors.

Can you use a sensored motor with a sensorless ESC?

Most sensored ESC’s have the ability to run both sensored and sensorless motors. As far as I am aware you can run a sensored motor just fine on a sensorless ESC, it would be just like running a sensored ESC and sensored motor without the sensor lead.

What is Castle cheat mode?

Yes the “CHEAT” mode is Castle’s timing or boost settings. You are not adding any RPM’s with this feature, your are adding advanced timing at specific RPM ranges. There are many variables with each motor and setup, so some experimentation is defenitely needed.

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What is brushed motor timing?

A motor’s timing is the position o its brushes relative to its magnets. When brushes are perfectly centered over the magnets, the motor has zero timing. When you rotate the endbell (and the brushes) in the direction in the direction opposite the motor’s rotation, the timing is “advanced”.

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