Often asked: What Motors Were Available In The 1958 Desoto?

How much did a 1954 DeSoto cost?

The 1954 DeSoto model lineup included the entry-level Powermaster offered as a six- and eight-passenger sedan, a Club Coupe and Special Club Coupe, and a station wagon. Prices ranged from $2,360 to $3,280.

How much is a De Soto car?

The de Soto Company was started with US$20,000 ($523,704 in 2020 dollars) and produced two models. The de Soto Six was a rebadged version of the Zimmerman and was listed at US$2,185 ($57,215 in 2020 dollars) which was more expensive than the Zimmerman on which it was based.

What car do Sam and Max drive?

The DeSoto (also spelled “Desoto”) is Sam’s beloved car in the Sam and Max universe. Specifically, it is a “DeSoto Adventurer”, a limited number model of car from the 1950s-1960s. It is the 1960 model that is featured in the cartoon series.

When did they stop making DeSoto cars?

DeSoto was beginning to struggle for survival and only two series were offered for 1960. 1961 would be the last model year for manufacturing the DeSoto nameplate. On November 30, 1960, DeSoto dealers were notified by telegram that Chrysler was ending DeSoto production in the United States.

Was DeSoto a luxury car?

Chrysler decided to make DeSoto a more upscale line of cars so as not to cannibalize sales from Dodge, and introduced the aerodynamic AirFlow and AirStream models in the mid-1930s.

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Who made Hudson cars?

The Hudson Motor Car Company, often called simply Hudson Motors, was founded in 1909. Joseph L. Hudson, owner of the renowned Detroit department store, was the primary investor in the company, created by eight individuals, including Roy Chapin and Howard Coffin, former employees at Olds Motor Works.

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