Quick Answer: Who Burned Dan Scott Motors?

Who set fire to Scott Motors?

In Season 3, after the summer, Lucas remains at odds with Dan, who accuses Lucas of starting the fire at the dealership that nearly killed him.

Who set the fire in One Tree Hill?

Deb joins Dan at Keith’s grave, as she declares him as a hero, Dan tells her it was him that set the fire in the dealership, so he wasn’t that much of a hero and walks off leaving Deb guilt ridden.

Does Dan ever get caught for killing Keith?

Haley gives birth to Nathan’s son: James ‘Jamie’ Lucas Scott. After Karen nearly dies having her and Keith’s daughter Lily, Dan confesses Keith’s murder and goes to prison.

Who kills Dan Scott?

Dan Scott: Shot by Dimitri In season 9, episode 10, “Danny Boy,” Dan died in the hospital from his gunshot wound.

Do Lucas and Peyton get married?

Season 6. Lucas and Peyton are married. Lucas and Peyton learn that Peyton has placenta previa and that having the baby could mean the end of Peyton’s life, but they decide to go through with it. Lucas and Peyton get married at the lake where they met.

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Is Brooke pregnant with Lucas baby?

Just as he says this, Brooke’s cell rings and she finds out it is the doctor. Ending the call, she confirms to Lucas that she is pregnant and storms away from Lucas.

Who does Brooke Davis marry?

Despite a brief separation in the seventh season, Brooke and Julian were married in season eight amid the heartbreaking news of her inability to have children. Much to their surprise, however, Brooke gave birth to twin sons Davis and Jude Baker later in the season.

Who got Karen pregnant on One Tree Hill?

Early life. Towards the end of high school at almost eighteen years of age, Karen fell pregnant with her high school sweetheart, Dan’s child. Shocked at her revelation, Dan asks Karen for an abortion but Karen decides she wants to keep the baby.

Did Deb start the fire?

He first suspects Lucas of setting it, then Keith, eventually killing Keith and blaming it on a school shooter, getting away with murder. It is revealed that Deb is actually the one who drugged Dan’s drink and set the auto dealership on fire, tired of his constant abuse and manipulation.

How does Lucas prove Dan killed Keith?

Dan now tried to play a role in the life of unborn Lily, helping with the pregnancy. Lucas soon finds out the truth about Dan murdering Keith, yelling to his mother, “He killed Keith, he shot him!” Pointing at Dan after catching his mother and father making out.

Who knows that Dan killed Keith?

Abigail “Abby” Brown was a former Tree Hill High School student. She was the only person that witnessed Dan Scott kill his brother, Keith Scott. She saw Dan kill Keith through the blinds of a classroom.

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How does Lucas find out Dan killed Keith?

Lucas finds out that Dan killed Keith Lucas is at the court yard as Abby stands there, she turns around and tells Lucas to open his eyes, the same message both Keith and Dan has delivered to him. She saw Keith try to help Jimmy and fail so Jimmy turned the gun on himself. She tells Lucas that Keith was still alive.

Why is Nate in a wheelchair?

Nathan is the son of Dan and Deb Scott and younger paternal half-brother of Lucas Scott. After graduation from Tree Hill High School, Nathan is tragically hurt in an accident during a fight and is put into a wheelchair, unfortunately not being able to join the Seattle Sonics.

Do Haley and Nathan get divorced?

Nathan agrees and he and Haley eventually get married after Nathan petitions to be emancipated at sixteen. Despite many obstacles, including Nathan’s parents, third parties and their always conflicting dreams, they’re still happily married and have made it through thick and thin.

Why did Keith leave OTH?

When Karen was left alone to care for her son Lucas, Keith was left to pick up the pieces. Out of jealousy, Keith was later murdered by Dan, right before Karen finds out she’s pregnant with their daughter, Lily Roe Scott.

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