Readers ask: Does General Motors Recommend Using Cruise Control When Driving In The Rain?

Is it OK to use cruise control in the rain?

Fact: Don’t Drive With Cruise Control in Wet Weather The system’s sensors may be affected by the moisture, which means they may not be as reliable, says Edmunds. Additionally, you may not have the same traction as you would without cruise control.

What happens if you hydroplane with cruise control on?

On wet roads, cruise control set at too fast a speed could cause the vehicle to hydroplane when it encounters standing water. On very low-traction surfaces such as ice and snow, cruise control operation can result in a skid or spin. Drive safe and avoid using cruise control on slippery roads.

When should you not use cruise control?

When NOT to use cruise control:

  • When it’s wet or slippery outside. Even if your car comes equipped with features like ACC or traction control, never use cruise control on wet terrain.
  • When you’re drowsy.
  • When you’re driving in town or in the city.
  • When you’re in heavy traffic.
  • When you encounter winding roads.
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In what environment should you practice cruise control?

Use cruise control when on the open highway in clear weather. Limit the time cruise control is active to no more than 30 minutes. Do not activate cruise control in heavy traffic or while driving in adverse weather such as rain, fog, ice or snow.

Is it bad to leave cruise control on?

TOM: You’re right that leaving the main cruise control switch in the “on” position will not harm the cruise-control system in any way.

Is it bad to use cruise control at low speeds?

High Traffic Conditions – cruise control is not suited for low speeds, making it not suited for slow-moving traffic. When the road conditions require you to start and stop, such as heavy traffic, cruise control may cause you to rear-end another vehicle.

What is the first thing a driver should do after deciding to make a turn?

First you will need to stop at the stop line, make sure that you do not interfere with pedestrians, bicyclists, or vehicles moving on their green light, and make a turn. If a street has a left turn lane, you must use it when you turn left.

Is it better to go fast or slow over potholes?

While it’s best to go over potholes slowly, you should avoid braking immediately before you hit one. This will likely cause your vehicle to nosedive right as you hit it, which can increase the amount of damage that can occur.

Does cruise control use more gas?

Generally speaking, yes. Cruise control can help you become more fuel-efficient and can help you save an average of 7-14% on gas thanks to its ability to maintain a continuous speed. In comparison, the constant change in acceleration and deceleration of the driver placing their foot over the pedals can eat more gas.

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Is it OK to use cruise control all the time?

No. The cruise-control mechanism itself should outlast the car, no matter how often you use it. But using the cruise control around town is not a good idea, in our humble opinion.

What does r a mean on cruise control?

Cruise Control. R/A is “ Resume/Accelerate ”.

Is cruise control worth using?

According to a Carbuyer poll, 20% of drivers with cruise control don’t use it because they don’t know how it works. However, it’s worth learning, as it has the potential to make journeys more economical, less arduous and more comfortable.

At what speed are cars most fuel efficient?

According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), most cars’ fuel efficiency peaks at speeds from 35 to 60 miles per hour. After 60, though, fuel efficiency does drop significantly; the DOE says that every 5 miles per hour you drive above 60 is like paying an additional 24 cents per gallon for gas.

Can you brake on cruise control?

Can You Brake On Cruise Control? You can brake while using cruise control. But applying the foot brake manually automatically shuts off the cruise settings. An alternative to stepping on the brake pedal is using the decelerate button on your car’s cruise control panel.

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