Where Do I Buy E-maxx Motors?

Is the Traxxas E-Maxx discontinued?

The Traxxas X-maxx has not been discontinued but people often get it confused with the E-maxx which has been discontinued. Traxxas will often discontinue RC vehicles as they make bigger or better models of them and stop carrying the old ones.

What size brushless motor for e-Maxx?

The Traxxas E-Maxx takes RC monster truck thrashing to another level with its powerful motor system. Available with a 16.8V brushed, or a 22.2V brushless power system for use with up to 6S LiPo, the Traxxas E-Maxx trucks have the potential to deliver endless amounts of fun for kids and adults.

What is an e-Maxx?

This is the Traxxas E-Maxx 16.8V 4WD Ready-to-Race Electric RC Truck with TQi Link 2.4GHz Radio (Traxxas Bluetooth Link Module Compatible – Module sold separately). Equipped with waterproof electronics, the E-Maxx is a blast to drive on or off-road, without worrying about a little water or mud stopping the fun.

How fast is the E-Maxx?

Top Speed: 35+mph out of the box, 65+mph all-out!

What year did the Traxxas E Maxx come out?

In 1999, Traxxas released its first full sized monster truck model, the T-Maxx. A larger monster truck; the X-Maxx, came out in 2015.

What scale is Traxxas E-Maxx?

Traxxas E-Maxx Brushless: 1/10 Scale Electric Monster Truck with TQi Radio & TSM, Red.

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